How to Use Facebook PPC Ad Campaigns For Local Businesses

How to Use Facebook PPC Ad Campaigns For Local Businesses

Facebook Pay Per ClickMany people understand the importance of social media marketing using Facebook PPC, but few understand how to use the platform or why it’s important.

Facebook has a huge number of users — over 1 billion under the latest research count. Because Facebook has so much data on its users, advertisers have a better sense of who they are how to target them. The great thing about Facebook is that it’s easy to get started, extremely well-targeted, and easy to set up and maintain ad campaigns.

Why Use Facebook PPC For Ad Campaigns?

Since many friends and family recommend products on Facebook, it’s a great place for consumers to find new products, discounts, and uses of their current favorite brands. And best of all, they can share it all with friends. Facebook and its advertisers are highly networked, so it’s easy to use the social nature of the site to quickly build an audience. This is one reason Facebook PPC campaigns are so popular among online businesses.

Creating Your First Ad

To get started, think first about creating your ad. What type of advertising are you doing? Is it to a hotel profile page, an application, or a specific event or fan page? You might also just be marketing directly to a website.

Make sure wherever you’re sending your traffic, it refers to that specific ad and information being promoted in it.

Then, create the ad itself.

You’re the one who needs to come up with great, concise text that targets your target market very well. Your title can be up to 125 characters, and the body can have 135. Think about the best way to nail down your offer or product. In addition, Facebook PPC advertising include photos, where you can include an enticing image for viewers. This will be 110px wide by 80px.

Facebook Audience Selection and Targeting

Next, target your audience. It’s critical to determine the location by country and state or province you want to target. Determine your audience’s age and sex, such as a makeup product just for women between ages 18-35. Then, select keywords that nail down what your users would be searching on based on activities, locations, or other relevant keywords for that product. Stick with as broad phrases as you can because Facebook is mining data from user profiles and the information listed there.

Facebook PPC Ad Pricing

Finally, set up your ad campaign and pricing. You’ll need to give your ad a name and daily budget, a schedule, and a payment plan. You can spend at minimum $1 and spend based on how specific your audience is. Scheduling your ad can be done daily or within a certain time period such as for holiday promotions. Then, you can chose to pay for clicks or for views, depending on how much you want to pay. Paying for views gives you payment per each 1000 ad impressions, while clicks are of course paying every time someone clicks your ad.

A Powerfully Targeted, Low-Cost Ad Platform

Facebook advertising with PPC is a great way to get your product, service, or website in front of people within specific areas due to its huge user based and well-targeted PPC plan. Even if you’re just selling a room rate at the hotel or trying to invite more people to a local event, there will always be people on Facebook ready to click your ad.

Be sure to do plenty of market research before writing your ad and always have a strong call to action, addressing your audience as though you’re right there with them, talking to them as a friend.

A Few Tips To Generate Local Leads

A Few Tips To Generate Local Leads

Generating leads for your local business in West Seattle may seem like a very difficult task especially if you are just starting out. However, the key to generate local leads successfully is to align your marketing strategy with customer behavior.

For the last few years a lot of people have been looking for local business information online. This means that the Internet is a great platform to launch your Local Lead generation and generate local leads. The following are important tips that can make lead generation for your local business as easy and effective as possible.

Practical Steps To Generate Local Leads

local seoIf you are looking to generate more local leads for your business, leveraging on the internet to do this is a necessity. Creating your own website and optimizing it with local SEO can be a game changer for you.

Although a lot of small businesses have websites, there are still a lot of these SMEs that are yet to fully maximize the idea of having a website. According to studies, over 80% of regular shoppers research a product online before they buy it.

In light of this, if you don’t have a well optimized website then you may be losing out on a very good opportunity to lock in more leads from your local market. Besides, setting up a quality website and optimizing it with local SEO is very affordable.

Add your local business to online directories

More often than not, a potential shopper would do research online before buying any product. Although showing up on search engine results such as Google and Yahoo still has a lot of value, you may also want to add your business into online directories.

Online directories that have business ratings and reviews are very popular among shoppers and will often help them determine which local store to buy from. In that case, this is something that you should take very serious in lead generation.

Explore social media

There are a number of notable social media platforms today but they all serve the same purpose – to help you connect and engage with potential customers on a personal level. The primary purpose of social media is to drive awareness and traffic to your website.

Millions of people use social media everyday and this can be a huge potential market to target specific customers in your local area. Ultimately, you will not only get more traffic to your site but also very good leads.

Optimize Your Site For Conversions

Driving traffic to your website is just the beginning. You still need to convert this traffic into leads and as such, optimizing your site for conversion is indeed a huge necessity. The main goal is to make sure that once visitors visit your website they stay there.

This will need you to develop engaging content and also create a mobile friendly landing page that can help visitors take action on your website.

Local lead generation for local business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult in fact, if you can get the simple things highlighted above right you will be good to go.