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Heartwarming Music News from Spokane

There is a wonderful thing going on right now in Spokane, Washington. Local musicians are performing small concerts for children at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital and other healthcare facilities. Sacred Heart is well known as a transplant facility, a cancer center, a Level 2 Pediatric Trauma Center, and a level 4 NICU for neonatal care. The musical artists provide beauty and hope through their songs that these children need. Many of the kids are suffering from cancer and other fatal diseases. In many cases the prognosis is grim and they are given little hope from their caretakers. (more…)

What to Do in Spokane Washington

If you have plans to be in the Spokane Washington area, there are many things to do for people of all ages. The area is rich in history and throughout the year the historic Riverfront Park is host to several events including the 4th of July celebration, music festivals, and Native American PowWows. The park is free but there are several attractions within that do have fees like the SkyRide, miniature golf, and the movie theater. Here are just a few of the things you can do when visiting this region of the country. (more…)

Buying A Car After An Accident

Having an auto accident is a horrible thing to go through, but hopefully you, and everyone involved, came out of it without any personal injuries. So what’s left is a wrecked car. Having auto insurance in Spokane, Washington is a blessing, it pays to have it, after an accident. Here are some steps you can take to make your scary day into an exciting one.


After an accident and after you know that everyone involved is ok, put your mind on this, your car is totaled and your insurance is going to buy you a new car. This thought alone should make your day.

If you have gotten auto insurance quotes from local agencies and purchased comprehensive insurance for your car, you are set. Talk with your auto insurance agent, they will offer you an amount of money to cover the cost of a car to replace yours. With this money you will be able to either buy another car just like it, except a new one, or you can buy a used one and keep the rest of the money for your self to spend as you with.

Looking into buying a used car in Spokane is a simple thing, there are so many places that help you do that. If you have a choice to buy new or used, you should always go with a used car, because you can save so much money. It is a fact that as soon as you drive off the new car lot in a new car, you lose 20% of the value of the car. Better to let someone else do that and then buy the car from them for 20% less. Look into that and you will find out that this is so true.


Fun Facts About Spokane

The city of Spokane, also famously known as Lilac City is located in the northwestern portion of the Washington State. Founded in the year 1872, the city which is also the second most populous in the state of Washington. It is about 92-miles from the closest Canadian border and is home to some 204,000 inhabitants in the city, with about 450,000 people residing in the metropolitan area. The city’s name means “Children of the Sun”; it originated from the Native American tribe that initially inhabited the place. On the other hand, the nickname “Lilac City” came as a result of the numerous divergent flowers that bloom all-around the region, especially during springtime.


The city’s life is greatly influenced by its climatic and geographical location. The city was bestowed the All-American City Award between 1974 and the year 2004 by the National Civic League. The famous Smithsonian affiliate museum; the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture houses an extensive collection of artifacts belonging to the Native American nation. Some of the city’s famous parks include; Mount Spokane-State-Park, Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, John A. Finch Arboretum and St. Michaels Mission State Park. Famous people with roots from the city include; singer and actor Bing Crosby, former speaker Tom Foley and Tom Sneva the 1983 Indianapolis-500 champion. Others are Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypen and the former all-time NBA assists great John Stockton who played for the Utah Jazz.

Below are some of the other fun facts about Spokane and the region:

  • The region enjoys up to 260 sunshine days annually, added to the four distinct seasons.
  • The Spokane region is home to a number of outdoors thrills and sports. These includes 33-golf courses, 76 Lakes, Grand Coulee Dam, the spectacular Columbia River Gorge and 5 major National Parks which are all within few minutes drive from the city.
  • In the middle of the city is the famous Spokane-Falls which is one of the biggest urban water falls in the whole of US.
  • Some of the recent movies filmed in the city and region include “End Game” featuring Burt Reynolds and Cuba Gooding-Jr. “Home of the Brave Heart” starring Fifty-Cent, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel and Christina Ricci. “The Cutter” featuring Chuck Norris and “Mozart and the Whale” starring Josh Harnett.
  • The city stands out for a number of reasons including; playing host to the “Hot Zone” which is a free Wi-Fi spot located 100-blocks from the city’s downtown and “Hoop-fest” the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament.
  • The city has unvaryingly been described as America’s “Golf Mecca” by the Golf Digest for its unrivalled offers of golfing quality, uncontrolled public golfing and prices. In total the region features 19 public courses that are all within a distance of 45-minutes drive.
  • The city hosted the first environmentally themed fair known as The World Fair Expo-74. During that time one of the city’s famous park; the Riverfront Park was transformed from a rail-yard into a public park.
  • About 90-miles in the west of the city is Grand Coulee Dam. The dam which is just 57-ft shy of hitting a mile is the largest concrete structure in the whole world.
  • The city’s annual Lilac Bloomsday Run is one of the largest foot races globally, attracting some 50,000 participants.

Everyone Should Know

Many places seem boring when you first look at them, but after looking a little deeper, you will find out that those things actually have some awesomeness about them. This is same with cities as well as people, things and businesses.

We love bringing attention to those, hard to notice, things in this blog. Look for them in the next few days and keep coming back to lean new information about all kings of things.

Until then!